Morinda does not only offer commission-based compensation for the volume being generated in an organization, Morinda also gives different types of rewards for successfully building large networks. This is one of the reasons why Morinda has been able to produce over 200 millionaires since its inception.

Morinda’s Primary Rewards Program

The Morinda Rewards Program rewards customers for participating in the monthly AutoShip Program. The program allows customers to earn Rewards points that can be redeemed for any of Morinda’s products.

Rewards Points Details


The program awards 1 Rewards Point for every 1 unit of QV that you purchase on AutoShip (points may not exceed the account’s AutoShip QV commitment). In other words, if you are on 120QV AutoShip, you may earn a maximum of 120 Rewards Points each month.

Additionally, Morinda Office Pro subscribers will receive 50 Rewards Points each month they subscribe to Morinda Office Pro.


Rewards points begin accumulating with your first AutoShip purchase and continue to accumulate from month to month. However, points may not be redeemed during the first four months in which qualified AutoShip purchases are made. After this 4 month vesting period, you may use your Rewards Points on any subsequent month as long as your qualified AutoShip purchase for that month has been made prior to the redemption.


Plus Points: All Customer Types on 120QV AutoShip are eligible to recieve extra Rewards Points for purchasing more than the required AutoShip minimum. These extra points are awarded in increments of 30, with 90 being the max amount. So in addition to the 120 Rewards Points earned for participating in the program, once 150QV is purchased for the month, then an extra 30 Rewards Points would be earned, resulting in 150 total Rewards Points for the month! In similar fashion, if 180QV in purchases is reached then 60 Plus Points would be added to the Rewards Points total. If 210QV in purchases is reached then 90 Plus Points would be added for the month.

Loyalty Points: All Customer Types that enroll on an AutoShip option of at least 120QV, and who participate in the program for four consecutive months, will receive additional points equal to the lowest monthly Rewards Points total from the previous four months. This “match” of Rewards Points takes place every four months (three times per year) and the Loyalty Points are added to your total current Rewards Points avaiable.


Once the vesting requirements have been met, you may use Rewards Points to pay for products. Please note that products acquired using Rewards Points will NOT have any volume (QV or CV) and cannot be used to fulfill AutoShip requirements, but may be ordered in conjunction with an AS order.

Rewards Points expire one year from the month in which they were earned. This includes points earned during the vesting period.


Failure to fulfill AutoShip requirements in any given month will result in loss of all Rewards Points. This includes placing an order for less than the AutoShip minimum commitment.

Morinda’s Other Bonuses and Incentives:

Fast Start Bonus

Fast Start Bonus (FSB) allows IPCs on 120 AutoShip to receive quick, weekly checks for the effort of enrolling new Business Builders

This accelerated bonus pays 45% through 5 Generations from purchases made by IPCs in their first 2 months. The remarkable aspect of this bonus is that the Personal Sponsor receives a full 20% on the first 120QV purchased each month by newly enrolled IPCs. For volume purchased in addition to the first 120, the Personal Sponsor still receives a generous 5%. The following table represents the payout generated by the first 120QV of newly enrolled IPCs:

G5 10%
G4 5%
G3 5%
G2 5%
G1 20%

The following table represents the payout generated by the QV of purchases over 120QV of newly enrolled IPCs:

G5 0%
G4 10%
G3 5%
G2 5%
G1 5%

This shift occurs after 120QV because the purchasing IPC is now receiving a 20% Personal Rebate on that same volume.

So, this is how it works. Let’s say John, an IPC on 120 AutoShip personally sponsors 3 new IPCs. The new IPCs would be considered as John’s 1st Generation. He would receive 20% of the first 120CV purchased by these new IPCs each month for 2 months.

But, it doesn’t stop there. When these same 3 IPCs personally sponsor new IPCs themselves, these new IPCs would be considered as John’s 2nd Generation. He would receive 5% from all of their commissionable purchases as they complete their first 2 months.

This payout would also extend to everyone that John’s 2nd Generation personally sponsors (his 3rd Generation), everyone they personally sponsor (his 4th Generation) and everyone they personally sponsor (his 5th Generation)!

This is an ongoing bonus that John can receive on a weekly basis (that’s 52 times/year!) as long as he is on 120 AutoShip and new IPCs are enrolling each week either through his efforts or through the efforts of his personally linked downline.

Fast Start Bonus gets paid out each and every Friday on a weekly basis!

Dynamic Compression

HOW compensation plans are paid is as important as HOW MUCH is paid. Another company’s payment plan can look very generous but actually pay far less to distributors overall when commissions are paid out.

For example, when a distributor is no longer qualified to receive commissions from his or her organization, some plans allow for the company to receive the benefit of that distributor’s commission. The practice of giving this commission to the company is called Breakage.

Unlike many other network marketing companies, there is NO BREAKAGE in Morinda’s Compensation Plan. Morinda’s DYNAMIC COMPRESSION feature continues searching the Levels of the upline until ALL VOLUME for Fast Start Bonuses or Unilevel Commissions is assigned and paid out to qualified IPCs. The Compensation Plan searches the upline to distribute a 45% payout  among qualified IPCs – 11% is paid to three Levels of IPCs, and 34% is paid to qualified upline IPCs. In comparison, many plans from other companies offer 11% payout to IPCs with a 34% Breakage to the company.

Business Pack Bonus

Business Pack Bonus rewards qualified sponsors with a $100 bonus for enrolling new IPCs with a business pack. Business Pack Bonuses are paid out to the personal sponsor of the new sign-up.

Morinda Business Pack Bonus

In order to receive this bonus, personal sponsors must meet the following requirements:

Have an active IPC account
Be on a 120 AutoShip option or more
Have personally signed up with a business pack OR have a cumulative QPV of 360.

The contents of the Business Pack are:

2 bottles of TruAge Beverage (2 Original or 2 Max)
2 canisters of Rapid Fuel
2 canisters of Sugar Stop
1 AGE Therapy Gel
1 free month of Morinda Office Pro
1 Starter Kit

Infinity Bonus

The Infinity Bonus pays out 3% of the company’s global CV from Morinda’s 10th Level to infinity. The Infinity Bonus is paid out monthly to IPCs who meet the following qualifications:

  • Placement Paid as Diamond Pearl Elite, Double Diamond Pearl, Triple Diamond Pearl, and Platinum Diamond Pearl

The pool is paid monthly and is divided pro-rata by CAS 20 among the qualifiers as follows:

  • Diamond Pearl Elites: 25% of CAS20
  • Double Diamond Pearls: 50% of CAS20
  • Triple Diamond Pearls: 100% of CAS20
  • Platinum Diamond Pearls: 150% of CAS20
  • Each additional PS PPA Pearl is rewarded with an additional 50% benefit with no cap.

Black Pearl Bonus/Global Team Bonus

Morinda has incorporated a Black Pearl Shared Success Bonus into our compensation plan as an additional reward for those IPCs who, through team efforts, build strong organizations through eight levels. This bonus pool is 3% of the CCV for a calendar quarter. There is no fixed limit on the dollar amount of this pool, which is distributed on a quarterly basis.

To qualify as a Black Pearl, you must have in your organization three personally hosted, paid-as Diamond Pearls or above and be 120 AS qualified each month within a calendar quarter. You must add one more personally hosted, paid-as Diamond Pearl or above after every four qualifying quarters (not necessarily consecutive calendar quarters).

After the 16th qualifying quarter, as long as the IPC maintains seven personally hosted, paid-as Diamond Pearls each month and is 120 AS qualified, the IPC will be a permanent member of the Black Pearl Club.


As the Diamond Pearl qualifiers of the Black Pearls become Black Pearls, the original Black Pearls keep the share of the bonus that would have been given to those Diamond Pearl qualifiers. As Pearl qualifiers become Diamond Pearl qualifiers, the original Black Pearl keeps the share of the bonus that would have been given to those Pearl qualifiers. If a Pearl qualifier becomes a Black Pearl without his or her personal host being a Black Pearl, his Pearl portion rolls up to the original Black Pearl.


Morinda has incorporated a maintenance feature to allow IPCs who maintain 3, 4, 5, or 6 personally hosted paid-as Diamond Pearls to receive a share of the Black Pearl Bonus. Beginning with the 5th qualifying quarter those IPCs who maintain will receive their pro-rata shares based on CAS8 discounted at the following rates:

3 = 75%, 4 = 60%, 5 = 40%, 6 = 25%

Diamond Pearl and Pearl Bonus Pools will have the same maintenance provisions and definitions as their Black Pearl personal hosts.


IPCs may become eligible to receive the TrūPerformance Bonus by simply increasing their ASQV4 by 35% over the benchmark. That’s a share of 2% of Morinda’s Global CV simply by growing the number of IPCs on 120 AutoShip in your first four Generations!

Please note that the previous MBO Income-based Title qualification has been completely removed as a requirement. IPCs enrolled on or before March 2013 had an initial benchmark based off of their March 2013 ASQV4; however, should March’s volume be less than 751 ASQV4 points, the benchmark will be set at a minimum of 751 ASQV. In addition, once a 35% increase over the original benchmark has been reached and the bonus earned, the qualifying month’s ASQV4 will become the new benchmark.

The TrūPerformance Bonus will be paid as a pro-rata share based on the IPC’s ASQV Generation 4 Volume. ASQV4 points, and the hurdle will be set at 1,000. In addition, once a 35% increase over the original hurdle has been reached and the bonus earned, the qualifying month’s ASQV4 will become the new hurdle.