Best practice instructions on using Noni Juice

Unopened bottles can keep for at least two years. Once a bottle is opened, it’s best if it’s refrigerated. Remember to shake the bottle before use. One bottle will typically last a month or less when you take it on a daily basis.

Best practice for normal maintenance use:

Take minimum 30 ml/2 table spoons in the morning before eating or drinking anything. Wait 20 minutes before you eat or drink something after taking it.

You can take the juice any time during the day, ideally you wait minimum 20 min if you have eaten or drunk something before and after taking it.

Uses for acute situations:

If you feel a cold coming on or your body’s immune system isn’t optimal, you can up your dose to 3 or 4 table spoons a day, either once altogether or split into two times in a day. You can’t overdose on Noni and if your body needs an extra boost, Noni will help boost your immune system.

For best results

It varies how fast the benefits show from person to person, but give it at least 2-3 months of daily intake and you should see results.