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I am excited you are thinking about contacting us. I’d love to meet you and get to know you. And I hope at some point you’d be interested in joining our organization.

I have put together an unusual contact form with those kinds of questions people usually don’t ask each other when they first meet. It’s usually what do you do and where do you live kind of questions. I am more interested in what moved you to go onto this site and what moves you to be who you are in life.

Questions are not compulsory, but I recommend you to reflect on the questions. You may get to know yourself a little bit better in the process. Alternatively, you can choose not to answer any of or some of the questions, fill out your contact details and leave a message at the bottom of the form and I will call you back. If we have already met in real life, you can also give me a call.

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    What are some of your core values and expectations to life? E.g. love, compassion, integrity...

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    How do you consider yourself?
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    How do you best receive guidance?
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    What leadership skills do you believe you already possess?

    What are your ultimate dreams and goals financially and relationship-wise in your life?

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