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About Nya Gregor Fleron

Nya Gregor Fleron grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark, and makes her home in New York City, where she runs her own business, writes books and helps people remember and trust that they each have their own personal happiness tool set. She is also an avid student and practitioner of energy healing, tantra and yoga. Nya is also the author of the novel Kali’s Gift—read more about it at kalisgift.com.

In recent years, she’s found that her life purpose is to spread joy and love wherever she goes by adding a smile or a laugh to someone’s day. In order to do this, she is committed to staying happy herself and this process is helping her tackle life with her heart, let go of her fears and communicate and connect better to the world around her.

With her book Staying Happy: Personal Happiness through Movement and Love, she hopes to be able to get people worldwide smiling on a daily basis. In the book, she gives constructive, uplifting and empowering insights into how any of us can live a life with happiness and joy by developing our own happiness skill-set building on who and what we already are. The body is built to keep us happy and pain-free, so it’s a matter of understanding how the mind and its limiting perceptions and expectations can get in the way of that happening. And ultimately, it is about how we can learn to live  life more from the heart and develop an emotional intelligence that will help bring more freedom, peace and joyful flow into our life.

In recent time, since she’s cracked how to generate and maintain a wealth of joy in her life, she’s embarked on the journey of learning how to build wealth of the financial nature. Network marketing is the perfect match for her, since she gets to build a network with a purpose of empowering people on all levels and making sure there’s no excuse for anyone not to be happy. And with noni supplement products, good health and feeling good chemically speaking is covered. That’s a lot of ground covered already.

As long as you live, keep learning how to live.
Seneca(c. 55 B.C. - c. 40 A.D.)

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

Mahatma Gandhi,
Indian Peace Maker, Nonviolence Communicator 1869-1948


About the Morinda products and the Business

How a Great grandmother became a member of the Morinda’s millionaire’s club

I had no sales experience, a fear of public speaking, and health challenges walking. But we followed the wealth in leverage system, which is teaching people in a very specific way how to help each other and it resulted in earning over a million dollars in commission. So I encourage people, and tell them if I could do this, so can you.

Joyce Bridgewater IPC

I have used Noni for ten years; to handle various ailments & predicaments of clients. What I learned is that it REPAIRS the Cells in the human body. That’s why one has to drink it for minimum of 90 days to see a change in his condition. My wife and I have been drinking it up to date.

Dr. Charles Quaofio M.D.
Accra, Ghana

I have used Morinda’s Noni for 13 Years. I want to encourage other doctors to accept the use of Morinda Noni Juice, on a regular basis, in their practice to facilitate the diagnosis and the management of all the medical conditions that come before them.

Dr. Cecilia Nutacor M.D.
Accra, Ghana

WOO! I love NONI because it is an organic and natural life replenisher! After beginning to drink NONI I feel connected to a different energy source than I did before.

New York City

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